Thursday, June 2, 2011

Justin, his crew, and friend's facebooks.

Sadie's facebook. Also known as a good friend of Chaz and Ryan. Pretty sure her and Chaz have been dating.

Nolan's facebook. Has been friends with Justin, Chaz, and Ryan for years but he's not as popular as Ryan & Chaz.

That Jenny Greenwood sitemodel. Blocked out her info so you can't find her facebook. Uhm, yeah. Chaz was friends with her, no clue why.

Justin's dad's facebook.(:

Ryan's facebook. I blocked out his first name since it isn't Ryan, and because of what it is it may help people find his facebook.

Same goes with Scooter's.(:

Carin. AKA; Scooter's girlfriend.(:

so, I don't know her. She was friends with Scooter though. I think her and Jasmine are related?

Asher Roth. He sings the song, 'I Love College' and more. Scooter also manages him. 

Pattie's facebook. Don't believe me? That sure looks like her, huh? And pretty sure no one has ever seen that picture of her.

Kenny is so fly. ~

Chaz .. well, he's Chaz. That explains his default.

Justin fucking Bieber. I blanked out his full name. Why? If I didn't, millions of girls may find him. That sure would suck. Now, think he's a fake? Look at his default .. I'm pretty sure many of you are die-hard Beliebers and have seen every picture of Justin out there, right? Now, tell me this .. have you ever ever seen this picture of him? Search all you want for it, I'm sure you'll never find it.

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